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Cadence Alexia, @cadence_alexia

Cadence Alexia

By night, tattooed Brit Cadence Alexia is an aerialist in Spiegelworld’s delightfully profane spectacle Absinthe. But when she’s not working, she’s doing two things: relentlessly honing her performing abilities, and posting the resulting “mischief and fuckery” to her Instagram feed. Hardly a day goes by that Alexia doesn’t post a video of herself doing something we couldn’t do with a dozen years of training: backflips, endless handstands, sublimely graceful pole and trapeze work and even more impossible-looking shit we can’t even begin to describe. (Our muscles scream in panic just looking at it.) There are also pictures of her dogs, every one adorable, and of Alexia herself, a bona fide warrior babe and our inspiration to keep hitting the gym. See for yourself.

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