Best Neighborhood Survivor

Family Foods Mart


Family Foods Mart is one of Downtown’s few remnants from the days when llamas were still kept in zoos. On the corner of Fremont and 11th streets, the 24-hour convenience store’s name is a bit misleading. Unless it’s your alcoholic uncle, you probably shouldn’t bring your family here. It feels like a bodega uprooted from the Bronx, but with gaming. And we love it. There’s at least one person on the video poker machine at all times. The spirits have rotating specials (recently, two-for-$4 Four Lokos). The deli, which closes whenever they feel like it (usually 7 or 8 p.m.), serves 9-inch subs with a can of soda for $5.99. You can even nab a you-get-what-you-pay-for slice of pizza for just 93 cents or a 12-inch pie for $4.99. There isn’t anything free-range or organic about it, but the fact that it still exists in gluten-free DTLV is warmly refreshing. 1102 Fremont St., 702-388-1174.

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