Best Old-School Gaming Experience

Sigma Derby at The D


As gaming companies try to outdo each other in search of the newest and flashiest ways to separate us from our money, some folks still like to lose the old-fashioned way. Sigma Derby is a mechanical horse racing game that was invented in the 1980s. The D has one of the few that still exist. Sit down at the “track” with its tiny horses and tinier jockeys, put your quarters—yes, quarters—in and choose the two horses you think will win. Then they’re off! The horses move in a jerky fashion around a bunch of wee bottle-brush trees as the machine makes a kind of hypnotic grinding noise. It may seem silly, but you’ll find yourself on the edge of your vinyl stool, cheering on No. 5 or No. 2 just as vigorously as you would at Saratoga or Del Mar. 301 Fremont St., 702-388-2400,

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