Best Thrift Shop

Tie: Savers and House of Bargains

When it comes to successful thrifting, knowing where to look is half the battle (the rest is a mixture of good eyes and dumb luck, with significantly more of the latter). If you’re seeking furniture, House of Bargains has a wide variety of pieces with some real treasure, such as a spotless ’60s floral print modular sofa, a Hollywood regency dining room set and vintage metal medical cabinets with ominous labels on them. For clothing, Savers continues to be your best bet—all of the outposts have something to offer, be it barely worn designer shoes, leather motocross pants, rockabilly frocks or worn band T-shirts, for those of you who don’t want to buy your AC/DC at Urban Outfitters. House of Bargains: 4000 W. Sahara Ave., 702-636-4855; Savers: multiple locations,

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