Most Inexplicable Billboards

Wade Martin


Who is Wade Martin? All we know is a name, a face, a bicep and a Twitter handle on a half-dozen billboards along Paradise Road. Yet it seems that the more you try to learn about Wade Martin, the less you know. Martin has recording studios in Phoenix and Las Vegas. His Wikipedia page claims he’s worked with Snoop Dogg, Britney Spears and the Rolling Stones, but we can’t find him in the album credits. Did he go on coffee runs? He has an Instagram full of shots of his six-pack and a lot of sports cars with his name on them in script, but not much in the way of DJ or recording studio action. One of the billboards advertises a collaboration with someone named “Jadelle,” but a Google search for her merely turns up a contraceptive implant of the same name. Will we find out that he’s actually James Franco or Shia LeBeouf? Only Wade Martin knows …

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