Most Giving Resident

Carlos Santana


Offstage, Carlos Santana doesn’t act like an international superstar. He acts like our neighbor. A longtime resident of Las Vegas, Santana’s giving nature tenderizes the toughest parts of our community. He’s aligned himself with a range of charities including the Milagro Foundation, Opportunity Village (where he donates instruments) and the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. In May, he visited the Mission with his House of Blues team to donate more than 8,000 bottles of water and 500 refillable pouches for distribution to the homeless. He also blessed the meal, cooked by volunteers from the House of Blues, where he has a long-running residency.

This is hardly the musician’s first encounter with the poverty-stricken. In 2013, a video went viral of Santana’s emotional reunification with a former bandmate who’d become homeless. “People need so much to be validated, celebrated, compensated and to be told over and over again [that] you’re significant, you’re magnificent, you’re meaningful,” he says.

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