Best Bar to Escape the Frenzy of Fremont Street

Top of Binion’s Steakhouse

binionsHOMEPAGEAmber Sampson | Vegas Seven

Ah, Fremont Street: Las Vegas’ center of sensory overload. The light and sound cacophony of Viva Vision overhead, punctuated by screaming zipliners. The drunken tourists and costume-clad buskers stumbling and swerving past. The spilled frozen daiquiris and puddles of …  something below your feet. Need to escape the chaos? Head for Top of Binion’s Steakhouse, where you can relax serenely 24 stories above those screaming bachelorettes and 7-foot Elmos. Sip a well-made cocktail in the super ’70s decor as you gaze at the panoramic views that stretch from Red Rock to Mount Charleston. Yup, you’re above it all now.

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