Best Group Cocktail

Dom-a-Rita at Encore Players Club

encore_players_club_dom-rita_by_jeff_green_WEBJeff Green

If your #Vegas #squadgoals include quenching the thirst of an entire crew, you can go all in on a bottle of mid-level vodka and desperately try to remember how to make a serviceable Madras. Or you can go in on one gallon of pure joy. The Dom-a-Rita is exactly what you think it is: a Don Julio reposado margarita for five, served in a snazzy glass urn and topped—quite literally—with Dom Pérignon for $1,200. Or, if you’re balling on a slightly smaller budget, a version with Veuve Clicquot is also available for $475. In Encore, 702-770-7171,

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