Best New Yoga Position

Between Fermentation Tanks

Detox to Retox at Tenaya Creek Brewery.Jenna Dosch

Detox to Retox at Tenaya Creek Brewery.

Whether or not you wear your athleisure togs to the bar on the regular, if you should find yourself nailing that vriksasana (tree pose) or urdhva dhanurasana (wheel) next to a lauter tun or sinking into a juicy savasana (resting pose) next to a brite tank, or if your ujjayi breathing is redolent of grains and hops, you might be at one of the many boozy yoga events that have been popping up around the Valley. Downtown’s Real Results gym hosts a monthly Detox to Retox at Tenaya Creek Brewery, a 75-minute vinyasa flow class accompanied by a live acoustic guitarist with a restorative free beer after class ($18 in advance, $20 at the door, Tas Upright brings Booze Yoga back to Henderson’s Crafthaus on July 24 ($20, noon-3 p.m.) Call it madness or call it genius, but we think boozy yoga is the inevitable union of two very worthwhile pursuits. Ommmmmm …

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