Best Publicity Stunt Announcing a New Restaurant

Robert Irvine

Robert Irvine rappels down the Tropicana. Erik Kabik Photography/ MediaPunch

Robert Irvine rappels down the Tropicana.

It takes nerves of steel to open your first restaurant on the Strip—especially in a resort that’s not known for its food. But when Food Network star and Royal Navy veteran Robert Irvine announced he was bringing a new restaurant to the Tropicana next year, he showed that he could walk the walk—right down the side of one of the resort’s towers. On May 16, Irvine rappelled 220 feet from the roof to the ground to tell the press about it. Actually, he didn’t share much, other than to say it would involve “a lot of interactive stuff—visual, audio stuff—a party for the senses” and serve “comfort food with a twist.” But still, he sure got our attention. In the Tropicana,

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