Best Real Pawnshop Dining

Rick’s Rollin’ Smoke BBQ & Tavern

Rollin’ Smoke’s Duo Choice of ribs and brisket Anthony Mair

Rollin’ Smoke’s Duo Choice of ribs and brisket

The Cosmopolitan’s new Beauty & Essex boasts a cool pawn shop motif in front of its speakeasy-esque environs, but when you’re down on your luck, you can’t actually cash in grandma’s jewels there and use the proceeds for a meal. Have no fear: History Channel’s Rick Harrison and his quirky kin will let you liquidate your legacy at Gold & Silver Pawn, and gladly take back a chunk of your profits at the adjoining Pawn Plaza complex, where the best place for a post-sale meal is the second incarnation of one of Las Vegas’ best barbecue joints, Rollin’ Smoke. At Pawn Plaza, 725 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 702-462-9880,

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