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Other Mama

Other Mama’s Svetlana Cocktail.Krystal Ramirez | Vegas Seven

Other Mama’s Svetlana Cocktail.

Cocktails can easily overwhelm the delicate, inherent flavors of raw oysters and fresh sushi. But the summer cocktail menu at Other Mama features sips that were built to complement chef-owner Dan Krohmer’s daily chalkboard specials and menu favorites. A collaborative effort between Day 1 barman David English and newcomer Dave Cooper, formerly of Portland, Oregon, the current menu is about 80 percent new, with a particular highlight being the Svetlana: house-made horseradish-infused vodka with lemon, ginger and just a touch of the powerful herbal Czech liqueur Becherovka. The cocktail’s balanced, savory zip chases mildly briny Kumamoto, ferrous Snow Creek and tangy Otter Cove oysters with aplomb, and complements fresh amberjack sashimi almost like they were brothers from another mother. 3655 S. Durango Dr., Suite 6, 702-463-8382,

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