Best Sacred Object Left Untouched by a Reality Show

Champagne’s Wallpaper and ‘That Painting’ at Vickie’s Diner (Tie)

champagnes_cafe_wallpaper_by_krystal_ramirez_WEBKrystal Ramirez | Vegas Seven

Las Vegas is not a town for preserving history, but those things we do cling to, we hold on to with all of the tenacity of a great-grandma clutching a winning bingo card—even if they seem insignificant and ephemeral to others. Red velvet-flocked wallpaper has been the trademark of Champagne’s Café since the ’60s. When Bar Rescue turned its dubious attentions to the beloved dive, many feared the bar’s vintage charm and its wallpaper would be lost beneath some faux-industrial finish. At Vickie’s Diner, a mysterious outsider painting—is it Clint Eastwood? John Travolta?—became enough of a beloved fixture to have its own Facebook page. But when American Diner Revival took a crack at revamping Vickie’s, fans of “That painting” became concerned. Hell, they were terrified. Fortunately, both shows knew when and what to leave well enough alone. You can still sip your Jameson’s in the warm glow of Champagne’s wallpaper and devour your omelette under “That painting.” The Riviera may be gone, but some landmarks endure.

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