Best Shot of Caffeine

Stumptown Cold Brew at Coffee Hunter

coffee_hunter_by_jenna_dosch_01_WEBJenna Dosch

You know what’s ignited faster than wildfire on Game of Thrones this summer? Cold brew coffee, which you can find in traditional, flavored or nitro form in spots around town. Coffee Hunter, purveyor of that cold brew crack Stumptown, gets really creative with how it delivers your java jolt. On a recent visit, customers were clamoring for the Salted Cold Cream Brew, wherein rich cream sits atop the dark brew, with just a hint of salt. It’s like a black and tan for caffeine junkies. To take the alcoholic analogy further, Coffee Hunter also offers shots of macchiato and an affogato on a salted caramel waffle cup. Guaranteed to give you the shakes in the best way possible. 7425 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 102, 702-586-5002.

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