Best Way to Stink Up Your Fridge

Murray’s Cheese

murrays_cheese_selection_by_krystal_ramirez_WEBKrystal Ramirez | Vegas Seven

Murray’s Cheese is a New York City legend, and when outposts started popping up in Smith’s grocery stores, joy spread through the hearts of cheese lovers and atop crackers and baguettes. At last, Las Vegans can move past the blocks of cheddars and Americans clogging our arteries and grocery aisles and challenge our palates on the more pungent incarnations of what some of us consider its own food group. This spring, Murray’s rolled out a line of branded charcuterie and added more exotic selections, including the Greensward (a cow’s milk cheese with a deep, woodsy flavor) and the Hudson Flower (sheep’s milk with rosemary, elderberry and lemon thyme). Just make sure you seal up these babies nice and tight in the fridge, should you happen to have any leftovers. Various Smith’s Food and Drug Stores,

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