Best Place to Perfect Those Arches

Khina Eyebrow Threading and Henna Art


Will women’s quest for a hairless existence never cease? While down-there waxing may be on the wane, we still have to take care of the business up top, particularly our eyebrows (because let’s be honest—only one person in the world can pull off those Cara Delevingne brows, and that’s … Cara Delevingne). For brows with minimal maintenance, head to Khina Eyebrow Threading in Henderson. In less than 10 minutes, Khina (or her assistant Niru) will have your arches Instagram-ready. Unsightly upper lip and chin hairs are gone just as fast. If you’ve never tried threading, pain is minimal and hair is plucked at the follicle level, leaving you hair-free for about three weeks. 790 Coronado Center Dr., Suite 140, Henderson, 702-492-0535.

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