Best Artist Relations Boss

Pedram Niazmand

pedram_niazmand_by_jon_estreada_01_WEBPhoto by Jon Estrada

Heading up music bookings and artist relations at Marquee Nightclub, Pedram Niazmand notes that getting to know the legendary performers and being part of creating the show “from start to finish” are among the many reasons that he loves his job. “Getting to know [the artists] on a more personal level helps me understand their vision for a show and makes it easier to accommodate them,” he says. “[However], our friendship is not strictly business. These guys are my true friends, and they feel like part of the family.” And it’s not just world-class DJs who receive the white-glove treatment. Niazmand has also welcomed Kevin Hart and Shaq to the club. In the Cosmopolitan,

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