Best Headliner Not Yet Playing in Vegas

Unlike Pluto

unlike_pluto_by_joshua_dahl_WEBPhoto by Joshua Dahl

Armond Arabshashi—better known as Unlike Pluto—has been co-signed by major EDM site’s founder Senthil Chidambarm and EDM wunderagent Lee Anderson, who respectively manage and rep the 25-year-old virtuoso. If you saw him at EDC or caught him at Hard Summer, you understand what all the fuss is about as he mixes melodic vocals seamlessly into harder bangers. Hell, his latest SoundCloud mix got about 30 million hits, so he’s clearly doing something right. So why isn’t this phenom playing in Las Vegas yet? Relax: Our sources say he will be soon, as he’s vetting offers. Check out our interview with Unlike Pluto here.

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