Best Industry Table

Stage One at XS

Skrillex and Diplo at XS

Skrillex and Diplo at XS | Photo by Danny Mahoney

It’s no secret that XS hosts some of the city’s best industry nights. So when the industry’s elite venture into the Las Vegas’ nocturnal environs, there is one venue and one table in particular where their concentration is highest. Look to the left of the DJ at XS to locate Stage One. Unlike your average piece of nightclub real estate, this table is massive, often filled to the brim with beautiful patrons who prefer up-front-and-personal experience with residents of the Wynn’s musical stable. So much so that in addition to local notables, you’ll often find a bevy of top-notch celebs the likes of One Directioners, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber joining in the $100 million bacchanal. In Encore,

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