Best Place You Won’t See on Social Media

Intrigue Nightclub’s Private Club

intrigue_by_barbara_kraft_03_WEBPhoto by Barbara Kraft

These days it’s kind of cool to say you’re not on Facebook … or Twitter … or Instagram. A select few know what’s going on in Intrigue’s invite-only private club, and it sure as hell isn’t your Follow Friday group. The club takes its no-social-media policy very seriously. Even shooting off a text is reason enough to get the boot. It’s all in an effort to return to simpler times, when we knew how to carry on a conversation past the point of “Did you see my Snapchat face swap?” But we’ll tell you what we do know from experience: The private club is strategically furnished to encourage intimate interactions. Louis Vuitton-inspired lockers to store guests’ expensive liquor adorn the walls, and there’s an impressive collection of vinyl for the DJ to dig through. But that’s just between us. In Wynn,

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