Best Use of Acrobatic Talent in Nightlife

Aerial Bottle Presentations at Omnia

omnia_aerialist_bottle_service_by_krystal_ramirez_WEBPhoto by Krystal Ramirez

With big sister Hakkasan boasting a “Dynasty” bottle package that retails for a cool half million, the pressure was on for Omnia to create a “wow” moment when it comes to its bottle delivery. Certainly Drai’s boasts a fireworks extravaganza complete with a private jet jaunt, and Encore Beach Club has bikini-clad babes on a Ferris wheel or popping out of a “Jill-in-the-box” setup, but the Strip’s newest megaclub is making the loudest noise with its presentations. If you happen to be in Omnia’s main room on any given night, you’ll bear witness to the city’s greatest bottle-drop spectacle as aerialists descend from above to deliver the goods. Should an order prove a bit too large to lower down from above, an even grander procession features a life-size model horse. And naturally, both presentations are accompanied by a full-on marching band to boot. “Wow,” indeed!

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