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Vearn at the Eiffel Tower

vearn_rogers_paris_eiffel_tower_ambassador_by_joshua_dahl_01_WEBJoshua Dahl

Tourists get a view of Las Vegas that locals often miss, and at the top of Paris Las Vegas’ Eiffel Tower, that view is impressive indeed. It’s also got quite a soundtrack, thanks to Bell Vearn Rogers Jr., who’s been an ambassador since April 2009—a job he thought he was too shy for at first. But “I found my calling! I never thought I would enjoy this job as much as I do,” he says. Vearn is like a human Wikipedia, his information delivered in the smooth patter of a ’70s radio DJ. He can spin stories about everything from how the Vegas Eiffel compares in size to the one in Paris to how many bones Evel Knievel broke when he jumped the fountains at Caesars Palace. He’s been with Caesars for almost 32 years in various positions, but the one 550 feet above the Strip is his favorite. “Every day I get to meet people from around the world and every walk of life,” he says. “Everyone comes to Las Vegas for one main reason—that’s to be entertained, amused and to have a great time.”


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