Vegas Seven

Best DTLV Graffiti

Kittens in the Hood

Anthony Mair

Walk around Downtown enough and start to recognize familiar stickers (“rich people graffiti”) and tags. A melting “JAT,” a caped Dracula and Indecline seem to be the busiest, making their marks on nearly every corner and streetlamp. But for the past two years, vibrant pussies have been popping up—and these kittens have claws. Kittens in the Hood’s kitties are done by a badass, mysterious transgressor who paints the streets one crappy tabby at a time. “I think it’s funny that they’re kind of shitty,” she says. Her colorful, mischievous alley cats were first spotted swimming on the Mission Linen building in the Arts District but now can be found all over town—including at Evel Pie and near Casa Don Juan. They apparently even made a background appearance in a porno once. Meow!