Vegas Seven

Best Place for a Fireside Chat

The Dorsey

The Dorsey. Photo by Anthony Mair

There’s nothing like a fireplace to stir up feelings of romance. So what if it’s triple digits outside? The vapor, steam and mist hearth at The Dorsey offers all the glow and none of the heat. It’s a cozy nook from which to engage in that most elusive social activity these days—a face-to-face conversation. The design elements here are maximized to take you away from the bustle of a busy casino and into a more intimate place—from the drapes that come down as the evening progresses to the light fixtures that flatter complexions to a well-appointed bar (with a world-class mixology program by Sam Ross). And if you hit a lull in the conversation, there are myriad books on the wall to jump-start the chatter. Or you can just order another Penicillin. Inside The Venetian,