Vegas Seven

Best Revival

Starboard Tack

Photography by Krystal Ramirez

Few things come back from the dead in better shape than when they first lived, but we’ll argue that the second coming of the lowbrow, nautically inspired 24/7 video-gaming tavern Starboard Tack is very much a step up. With its tropical wallpaper, captain’s chairs, 230-plus rums and frozen blended drinks, there are plenty of boozy classics and originals to quench that summer thirst, or just let barmen and proprietors Lyle Cervenka and Bryant Jane whip something up off the cuff. When you hear “Ting-A-Ling,” Ting ’n’ Stings are on sale. And dining on the Polynesian-esque dishes, such as a spicy chicken sandwich and assorted skewers, is a must. Aye, the old girl’s looking mighty yar for her 46-some-odd years. 2601 Atlantic St.,