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Best Sneakerhead for the Community

Jaysse Lopez, Owner of Urban Necessities

Anthony Mair

For all the success Jaysse Lopez has amassed with his sneaker boutique Urban Necessities, you’d think it’s got to be the shoes. While the endless supply of consignment kicks—100 to 500 new pairs of Adidas NMDs and UltraBoosts, Nike Dunks and Jordans a day—keeps customers coming and shoe blogs buzzing, it’s Lopez’s compassion that makes him stand out. He helped raised $21,000 for a customer’s heart transplant by raffling tickets to the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight, and he’s donated to local charities, given shoes to kids with good grades and held food drives. Not to mention his innovative “Heat Locker”—a claw machine stocked with Yeezys and other gems—gives anyone a chance to nab a holy grail for just $5. “We’re a consignment store. I’m depending on the whole city for business,” Lopez says. “If I don’t help the city out, I can’t put anything on my table.” Boulevard Mall,