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Best Yoga Teacher Who Will Help You Find a Date 

Whitney Owens at TruFusion

Anthony Mair

If you have any preconceived notions of yoga being a gentle physical exercise, go ahead and chuck that out the window now and roll out your mat for TruFusion YinFused class on Wednesday evening at the Eastern Avenue location. Taught by Whitney Owens, this class will have you feeling all those deep-tissue feels. With the help of a trigger roller, you’ll moan and groan through 75 minutes of sweet torture in a room so hot you won’t know whether you’re sweating or crying (there’s no shame in either). Through it all, Owens guides students with humor, encouraging all to make sexy-time noises as they slip and slide on their mats. “Maybe you’ll even find a date here,” she jokes. Date or not, we guarantee you’ll feel amazing the morning after. 575 S. Eastern Ave.,