Vegas Seven

Best Hairstylist With Commentary

Megan Trivette at Josephine Skaught

Courtesy Josephine Skaught

Of course, the main objective when getting your haircut is to come out looking good. But you’re also sitting in that chair for a chunk of time: Don’t you want to be amused? Megan Trivette can chop any cowlicks and crooked parts into a facsimile of a mid-’60s Monica Vitti photo and show you how to keep it that way. But she also provides other things you want in a hairdresser: gossip and shade. Whether it’s talking smack about the clown far away in Washington, D.C., or the jerk right down the block, Megan is happy to pull out a spoon and dish. 1025 S. 1st St., Suite 165,