Vegas Seven

Best Radio Host/Comedian/Philanthropist


Photo courtesy of AK

With heart and humor, AK stays busy. She works as a gang intervention counselor for Clark County, is a co-host of Power 88’s The Breakdown community talk show, and for the past 10 years she’s performed stand-up in basements and on bar stages across the country. Originally from St. Louis, AK was discovered behind the bar at Ice House, pouring drinks and making people laugh. A couple of guys who were hosting a comedy night there pushed her into performing by announcing her routine to the crowd without her knowing. The observation comic gets her material from her experiences and conversations, and often jokes about growing up broke, calling people with working car windows bougie. AK also started her own philanthropic organization, AK’s Closet, donating toiletries and used clothes to people in need. She could easily win an award for any one talent alone but instead, decides to do it all.