Best Gourmet-Quality Side Dish That Channels Your Inner 8-Year-Old

Tater Tots, PT’s and Sierra Gold


Before you scoff at us for ordering tater tots as an appetizer served in a bucket—let alone for honoring them with an award—we have one question: Have you tried these bad boys? Because you should. Crafted with the consistency Mom never got right, PT’s tater tots have the winning combination of crunch on the outside and tenderness on the inside. Most importantly, they’ve got serious flavor (which is to say, not a hint of the cardboard aftertaste common in most tots). Kudos to corporate executive chef Joe Romano and his team of cooks for offering more than just the traditional variety; you can also get these little fried spheres served Cajun style, chili and cheese, or garlic Parmesan. Bonus points, too, for the fact the tots don’t crumble under the pressure of the all-important fork-to-ketchup-to-mouth transfer. $8 for a bucket, multiple locations,