Best New Wine Gadget

The Savino

savino_glass_front (2) HIGH RES

A new solution to the First World problem of having too much wine, the Savino preservation system lets you pour a glass of your favorite cab, transfer the rest of the bottle into the cylindrical Savino carafe and leave it in the fridge for up to a week or even longer—we’ve tested it—till you’re ready for another glass. The secret is the silicone-ringed plastic float that bobs at the wine’s surface, largely keeping oxygen out. Oxygen being the thing that “opens up” a wine, you can keep out even more of the damaging gas when you cap the cylinder tightly beneath a second, heavy silicone cap. With no need for replacement gas-injection cartridges or flimsy suction contraptions, this is a more elegant, intuitive solution—be it the Connoisseur (glass, $60) or Enthusiast (acrylic, $30)—that lets you pour out glass after glass while the float chases the last drop to the bottom of the carafe. Then it’s time for another bottle!