Best Dressing So Good They Should Bottle It

Lemon-Caper Dressing, SkinnyFats

SkinnyFATS' current location off Dean Martin Drive. The restaurant is expanding.

It’s green, addictive and you can only get it from your dealer—er, server. Of course it’s SkinnyFats’ lemon caper vinaigrette, and it smothers the restaurant’s Flat Chix & Greens entrée (also available off-menu made with a Portobello mushroom standing in for the chicken). But diners ask for this tangy, bright accompaniment on their salads, burgers, sandwiches—anything they care to dunk or drizzle. No wonder SkinnyFats, which is close to opening its second location on the west side in Rhodes Ranch, is considering bottling the dressing for over-the-counter sale. or so we’ve heard. Which is good, because we’re tired of hiding our addiction. 6261 Dean Martin Dr., 702-979-9797,