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october, 2017

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The oft masked rap-infused rock band Hollywood Undead are just days away from the drop of their highly anticipated fifth album, aptly titled Five (but stylized V). The new tracks, released on their own imprint, Dove & Grenade Media, is set to drop on October 27 in the midst of the national leg of their tour.

The number five is of major significance to the band. They are now a quintet, comprised of J-Dog, Funny Man, Johnny 3 Tears, Charlie Scene and Danny, as longtime drummer Da Kurlzz left prior to the release of the project. The number also nods to a hit on their debut album, Swan Song, “No. 5,” as well as the year the band was created (2005). Playing with numerology also communicates to the band’s legion of devoted fans, the Undead Army, who are quintessential in the widespread popularity of the group.

Vegas Seven caught up with the fast-talking, quick-witted Johnny 3 Tears just ahead of the release to get some of his insight on the season, the new Hollywood Undead album and the illicit joys he finds in Las Vegas.

Which horror movie character do you identify with the most?

That’s such a tough question because they are all so multifaceted. I would have to say … sounds weird, but Michael Myers, because of his background. Everybody can sympathize with Michael Myers a little bit. People who maybe didn’t have the most ideal childhood could relate to him. Obviously, I don’t want to hack anybody up. But I would say him.

So you like some depth to your characters.

Yeah. He’s the most mainstream, people know him. I think a lot of the times in these movies, they become such a part of the culture, people underestimate the backstory of all these guys, and he, to me, has the most fundamentally interesting backstory and is the most relatable.

All right, let’s talk music. What did you guys do differently with V that maybe you didn’t do on the previous four projects?

I would say the biggest thing that was different is in the past, we had to fulfill our contract with Universal Music Group and Interscope. Now we have our own label. So, typically when you record your record, you have to make the suits happy, so to speak. There are A&R guys, there are executives at labels, so regardless of who you are, you have to make them happy in order to put a record out. And although we’re very hard on ourselves, we didn’t necessarily need that. The band [members] are the only ones accountable at the end of it, so it’s a much different thing when you’re writing the music for just the band and just the fans. We’re just proud that five records in, we’re still going strong, and in our opinion, still writing good music.

What are you most excited about for the drop of V?

You know, every time you drop a record it’s exciting, because you only get to do it every couple of years, even if you rush. So, that part is exciting. But just to introduce new stories about our lives to our fans and share those things. One of the coolest things about being in any band is the relationships you have with people you don’t know because the music means something to them. People you’ve never met, people from different countries and different parts of the world. And you form this relationship through music. So anytime we can do that and get stories to new people and people relate to those stories and tell them back to us, about what the music meant to them, it’s really rewarding.

Now that you’ve finished V, are there enough leftover songs for a follow-up EP?

We have some plans. We actually almost put out a double record, but there’s all these stupid politics, which really pissed us off. But we have this whole other album of songs that isn’t on the new record. And we’re absolutely planning to do something with them. We have a ton of great music, so we’ll figure out something cool to do with it. It’ll get out there one way or the other, but how at this point I can’t be certain.

The album drop for V is on October 27, which coincides with your Las Vegas show on Friday at Palms. Are you going to treat the Vegas crowd to anything special?

I can’t tell you, but we have some fun stuff planned. It’s a big deal for us, as a record-release party. We’re actually really happy it’s in Vegas. Who doesn’t love playing Vegas? It’s always a good time, and we’re stoked.

Is there anything you have to do when you come to Vegas?

Yeah, cocaine. [Laughs.] That’s the true answer. If you want the truth. If you want me to bullshit you and tell you I go to Cirque du Soleil or whatever, I’ll tell you that, but let’s face it, that’s not the case. [Laughs.] I have a lot of friends out there who have moved out from L.A. I have fun because I get to see a lot of old friends. But let’s face it: Everybody goes there to party. That’s the deal.

–Nicole Cormier


Hollywood Undead

Friday, October 27, 2017, The Pearl, Palms Casino Resort, 4321 W. Flamingo Rd.


(Friday) 7:00 pm


The Pearl in Palms

4321 W Flamingo Rd Las Vegas, NV 89103 United States