Vegas Seven


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Where to Score 4/20 Deals and Meals

By Jacob Jacoby

A guide to discounts on cannabis-related products and munchies for a flawless celebration.


Spring Forward With Cannabidiol

By Shannon Miller

Three CBD-rich products to help you shed pain, stress and your winter layers.

March Madness

Beyond Basketball, March Madness Brackets Worth Playing

By Faryn Duncan

From cannabis to music, get your competition fix without having to tune in to the games.

Intriguing People 2018

Krista Whitley: Unicorn in a Sea Of Green

By Nicole Cormier

Once a marijuana prohibitionist, the entrepreneur is now helping to shape the cannabis landscape.

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Cannabis Culture

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Cannabis for Insomniacs

By Ginger Bruner

It turns out that a little known substance in cannabis that is usually considered a bad thing, a side effect of "old weed," CBN or Cannabinol, is actually a fantastic sedative.

Cannabis Profiles

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New Technology & the Old School at Redwood Cultivation

By Lissa Townsend Rodgers

New players and new innovations are all over, but those with a deeper background in the industry often come out ahead.


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Our Take On The Very First Herb-Infused Baking Kit

By Kindland

It was only a matter of time before the DIY culinary world and legal cannabis space came together to produce weed-infused meal-making kits.