Bizarre Dishes for the Dauntless

I’ve always found it weird that some people will eat a pig but not a rabbit, an animal’s flesh but not its organs, or a mammal but not a reptile. Nonetheless, when asked to recommend some of the Valley’s most “bizarre” dishes, I managed to push my envelope and add some new choices to my old favorites. How many of these have you tried? Read More

Just A Sip


A Speakeasy, Hidden in Plain Sight

Lodged somewhere between a pop-up and a speakeasy is the Piazza Lounge in Tuscany Suites & Casino. It’s generally not the sort of place Las Vegas’ hard-core cocktail aficionados are first to think of—we have Herbs & Rye, Velveteen Rabbit and 365 Tokyo for that—but beginning last summer, the lounge enjoyed something of a heyday, with a handful of top-notch bartenders making it their home, albeit somewhat ironically. Read More



Tom’s Urban Flaunts Flavor and Finesse

It appears to be a mishmash of multi-genre bar food and sandwiches, reminiscent of what you might find at any theme bar from a TGI Fridays to a Hard Rock Café. There’s a little bit of something for everyone: burgers, tacos, pizzas, shakes, etc. But if you look deeper, there are also some very creative spins on familiar favorites. Read More

Neighborhood Epicurean

Off the Hook fish 'n' chips

Sampling the Grub on the Buffalo Trail

Flamingo Village Plaza, a strip mall behind a Walgreens on the southwest corner of Flamingo Road and Buffalo Drive, doesn’t look like much as you drive by. But if you slow down for a good look, this little enclave offers an eclectic collection of restaurants, from Japanese sushi, Filipino baked goods and Korean-Mexican fusion to British fish and chips, Italian-American favorites and classic American breakfast. Read More



Urban Turban Spices Up the Indian Scene

I’ll argue that New York also has great Indian, as do a few other American cities. But one place that never comes up in these discussions is Auckland, New Zealand. Nonetheless, Las Vegas’ newest Indian restaurant, Urban Turban, has been imported from that South Pacific metropolis. And it’s a solid addition to the local restaurant scene. Read More