Photos by Jon Estrada

The Kitchen Mentor

It’s a Thursday morning, and Silverado High School’s Advanced Culinary Studies class is preparing its weekly lunch service of three courses from scratch for faculty and guests. In the midst of a crowded, hectic kitchen, a student is informing her teacher, Ann Taylor, that the heated chocolate she just put into a squeeze-bottle is still too thick to decorate the dessert. Read More

Ask a Somm


Dispelling a Few Wine Myths

Few areas of human endeavorare more burdened with myth, exaggeration and misinformation than wine. Here are a few simple and effective ways to make the most of your wine-drinking experience, courtesy of beverage director and certified sommelier Kirk Peterson of B&B Hospitality Group Las Vegas. Read More



Taste of the Linq

In a town that generally celebrates every opening with fireworks, spotlights or ribbon cuttings, the gradual unveiling of the Linq has been a bit anticlimactic. What is open, however, are some of the hottest spots to eat on the Strip, with more on the Read More