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Wine Pairing for Vegetarians, Riesling Rules and Big Reds at Michael Mina Bellagio

I know Cole Sisson, currently a sommelier at Michael Mina Bellagio in Las Vegas, from his time in Seattle. I got to wondering, what’s the perception of Washington State wine in a city that sells such an astonishing amount of bottles? So I asked for his take on the move from Seattle to Vegas. But not satisfied with asking just one question, I peppered Cole for his thoughts on pairing wine with vegetarian cuisine, a favorite food and wine match at the restaurant, and the spots where you’ll find him when it comes to enjoying off-duty food and drink. Read More



Bavarian Castle Dishes Out Delicious German Cuisine

Since the closing of Café Heidelberg in 2012 following a 40-year run, local lovers of German cuisine have had precious few places to get an authentic schnitzel or brat. Sure, the food at Hofbräuhaus is good—assuming you’re willing to endure beer-swilling tourists belting out “Sweet Caroline” to an oompah band while their friends get paddled by a waitress. Read More



Chef Luciano Pellegrini Turns to Dessert

The temperature in the parking lot of the Dolce Vita Gelato factory was pushing 110 degrees on a recent Thursday afternoon. Inside, however, was a winter wonderland of frozen deliciousness. In the mildly air-conditioned main room, chef Luciano Pellegrini and his staff were churning out creamy vats of mango-peach sorbet and peanut butter gelato. Read More