The Story Behind Hakkasan’s Dance-Floor Magic

Pulsing bass and building beats used to be all it took to satisfy clubbers to their dancing core. But with a growing need to see as much as we hear, the set of a headlining DJ has evolved into a chance to showcase their music against a backdrop of high-tech theatrics. At Hakkasan, hundreds of staff Read More



Send in the Clouds

At the intersection of form and function, the latest trend in mood lighting is taking Las Vegas clubs and bars by storm. Each of these original, technology-driven masterpieces is a star attraction, lighting up spaces and enhancing the vibe. Read More

The Hookup


Only Good Hair Days

We cornered local expert Staci D. Linklater, director at Globe Salon, and got her to share her favorite products, a few words of warning and a couple of tips to guide us to hair glory. Read More