Vegas Seven



Carla Pellegrino Is Back and Bringing the Heat With a Possible Restaurant & Lounge

By Al Mancini

Carla Pellegrino has been laying low in the month or so since she moved back to Las Vegas, which is a bit of a surprise for a chef who always knew where the best party was.

scene stirs

Hyde Barman’s Passion Project Is Ready to Serve

By Xania Woodman

You’re probably familiar with the custom of the shift drink—that afterwork tipple or brew your employer ponies up for your day’s toil. That’s the starting point for the passion project of Hyde Bellagio barman William Fanning.


How to Make Top-Shelf Pineapple Cello Liqueur at Home

By Xania Woodman

Got Fruit? Booze? Sugar? And the time to combine them? You could be making your own cello!


Dr. Chef Is in the House

By Al Mancini

Since getting an appointment with an M.D. in this town isn’t always easy, I asked a bunch of my chef friends what I can put into my body to fight off the billions of microbes conspiring to sideline me.

A Small Bite

Long Noodles for Long Life

By Marisa Finetti

While a bowl of noodles might seem plain, its simplicity is beautiful, offering comfort and signifying long life for whoever is eating them.


Jardin Redefines the Three-Meal Concept

By Al Mancini

Although still budding, Jardin already brings the three-meal restaurant to a new level of quality and variety.

Dishing With Grace

Dine Your Way to a Prosperous Chinese New Year

By Grace Bascos

This is a time for eating lucky foods, wearing red and having a meal with your family.