Last Call for Center Bar

The Hard Rock Hotel has seen a lot of changes in its 20 years of existence—most notably, the 2006 departure of original owner Peter Morton and the rise of a millennial generation fueled on Fireball. But on June 28, progress finally caught up with the hotel’s once-trendsetting Center Bar. Amid a crowd of well-wishers both young and … less young, the bar served up its last round of shooters. Some signed their names to the wood fixtures that have stood firm and unchanged since the latter grunge era, even while knowing that the wood would soon be sanded down or ripped out to make way for what sources say will be a new mixology bar. But in the moment, nobody was thinking about the future. They were too busy toasting to the memories with booze that, as closing time neared, was being served free of charge.

Photos by Krystal Ramirez