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Downtown’s Latest Developments

By Jessie O'Brien

Many new projects are in the works in 18b, Fremont East and the rest of Downtown. Here's a preview of what's to come.


Your Downtown Health and Fitness Guide

By Zoneil Maharaj

A handy list of all things good for you

The Deal

Better Video Keno at Downtown Grand

By Anthony Curtis

Recently, the Downtown Grand has been promoting itself as a good place to gamble.


Why Unruly Behavior Is Unduly Rewarded in Politics

Election years are full of extremes, but if we need a reminder of how dangerous they can be, we only need to look in our backyards.

Seven Questions

Seven Questions for Peter Tunney

The artist on Tony Bennett, practicing mindfulness and living the good life

Ask a Native

No Tipping? No Dice!

By James P. Reza

Tip-free restaurant strategies see their way out and the Native explains what happened to that 90s happy hour in a Downtown bank.

Higher Math

Homelessness By the Numbers

By Seven Staff

Here’s a breakdown of what’s happening on Valley streets.

Green Felt Journal

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Green Felt Journal

What 2016 Holds for Gaming

By David G. Schwartz

So what will 2016 hold for the Las Vegas gaming-tourism complex? Change for certain, although the nature of that change won’t be clear until it’s upon us.

The Deal

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The Deal

Lotto Fever

By Anthony Curtis

By the time you read this, the world-record Powerball lottery drawing will have taken place and either someone is figuring out what to do with a $1.3 billion prize, or we’re all getting set for an even bigger drawing this weekend.