Survival Guide | Story by Lissa Townsend Rodgers

Where to Escape The Madness

Triple 7 microbrewery at Main Street

Triple 7 microbrewery at Main Street

Life Is Beautiful has music, food, art, inspirational speakers, sensory overload … and exit signs. Whether your goal is a quick break or complete avoidance of the festival, here’s how and where to escape:

If you need to fuel up before the show but still want to have money left for merch, hit up a happy hour. The Chicago Brewing Company in the Four Queens and the Triple 7 Brewery at Main Street Station offer discounted drinks and appetizers during their happy hours, both of which run 3-6 p.m., while the Art Bar in Downtown Grand will knock 50 percent off your booze and bites from 5-7 p.m.

For retro Vegas fans, El Cortez—which was part of the LIB blueprint in 2013 but not so this year—has a 24-hour coffee shop, several bars and an Elvis impersonator. On Fridays, its outdoor wine bar, the Vineyard, serves vino and charcuterie. Think your rendition of “Hello” is better than Lionel Richie’s? Prove it at El Cortez’s weekend karaoke. Also, the Bunkhouse has food and drink, as well as some slightly more sophisticated entertainment. Grammy-winning chanteuse and comedian Lady Rizo will perform her “caburlesque” show October 25-26,

Want to dig some sounds in a smaller scene? Gramatik’s reimagining and remixing of blues, jazz, soul and swing into beat-heavy, head-bobbing jams will be at Brooklyn Bowl on October 25, along with ProbCause’s slow-rolling rap. Also that night, the Life Is Shit festival returns to the Dive Bar, with a lineup comprised of local bands, as well as visiting acts from Tacoma to Tucson. They’ll also host a “My Car Is Shit” car show, because even a 1998 Honda with duct-tape upholstery deserves some love.

Tired of those young whippersnappers with their skinny jeans and their tiny phones? Head down Fremont Street to Du-Par’s in the Golden Gate for pie—doesn’t coconut custard or chocolate meringue seem like a more appetizing decision than seeing DJ Mustard?—then hit the bingo room at the Plaza. They may not have a flame-shooting praying mantis, but they do have glitter stampers and free coffee.