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Download Our Life Is Beautiful Magazine Cover

Yann Legendre takes Vegas Seven on an "experiential journey" for our latest issue


When Vegas Seven creative director Ryan Olbrysh started kicking around cover concepts for our second annual Life Is Beautiful issue, he kept coming back to one particular thought: The image needed to be as distinctive and vibrant as the multifaceted Downtown festival itself. So he turned to internationally recognized illustrator and designer Yann Legendre, whose illustrations have appeared in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and GQ. Legendre took it from there.

“My idea was to create a surrealistic scene that combines some spiritual and musical elements to follow Life Is Beautiful’s mission statement,” says Legendre, who is based in his home city of Paris. “We see this woman/goddess arriving by floating in the sky above the Nevada desert, with her crazy helmet made of music and cooking instruments. Her head is in the shape of a heart, like the symbol of the festival, and she is welcoming people to join her for an experiential journey. She brings a crazy vibe, emotions and life to the middle of the desert—just like Las Vegas.”

View the magazine cover above. Right-click or control-click and select “Save image as…” to download the art.

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