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Live, from Las Vegas …

Local acts once again get their chance to shine—only this time under a brighter spotlight

Catch local act Sabriel at 4:10 p.m. Sunday on the Huntridge Stage.

Catch local act Sabriel at 4:10 p.m. Sunday on the Huntridge Stage.

Local musicians—just like local artists and chefs—had a significant presence at last year’s Life Is Beautiful. But during that inaugural weekend, the Las Vegas-based acts were relegated to a locals-only stage. Although that still provided solid exposure to the crowds, it also tagged them as “small time.” This year, that changes, as the hometown acts will be interspersed on the main stages, performing right alongside national and international touring acts.

“I think it will be a step up,” says Vegas-bred retro pop singer Sabriel, who will be making her second Life Is Beautiful appearance. “When you play on a local stage, you’re still counted as a local artist, and everyone knows it. This will bring more opportunities for people to take the local artists seriously.”

Sabriel will be joined by a host of other returning Vegas acts, including hip-hop artist Ekoh and indie rockers Rusty Maples and American Cream. Additionally, the bill also includes such Life Is Beautiful first-timers as rapper Dizzy Wright and jam band Moksha. (Though no longer strictly “local,” we can’t forget Vegas-spawned Panic! At the Disco.)

And although it might not be what first comes to mind when one thinks “local band,” the Las Vegas Philharmonic will also take to Life Is Beautiful’s Downtown Stage on Sunday. The Philharmonic will perform the music of the Fab Four, as Cirque du Soleil presents a truncated version of its long-running, fan-favorite show The Beatles Love.