Food | Story by Al Mancini

How to Make the Most of the Festival’s Culinary Offerings

Food from Life is Beautiful's Culinary Village

Food from Life is Beautiful’s Culinary Village

Among the things that sets Life Is Beautiful apart from other music festivals is its culinary program. No fewer than two dozen chefs from Las Vegas and across the country will participate. Here’s some advice to help keep you nourished—because, you know, a festivalgoer can’t survive on a liquid diet alone!

Spring for “Grills and Guitars”
This pre-festival event will set you back $175 on top of your regular ticket price. But it’s worth it, as you’ll get to enjoy all the food you can eat, unlimited alcohol and music by Vintage Trouble, Sleeper Agent and the All-Togethers. It’s also the time when all of the chefs get to socialize with each other … and you!

Keep your eyes open
Last year, there was only one culinary village waaaaaay on the outskirts of the festival grounds. Thankfully, organizers learned from their mistake. This time four culinary villages will be scattered throughout. So as you wander from stage to stage, check in at each village to see if your favorite chef is cooking.

See how it’s done
The “Chefs Onstage” cooking demo in Container Park allows you to not only taste their creations, but also to learn something that you might be able to replicate back in your own kitchen.

Help save the planet with José Andrés
One of the most innovative chefs in the world, Andrés will be reducing his carbon footprint by cooking with 30 to 40 solar kitchens at Life Is Beautiful—the same kitchens he brought to the people of Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.

Drink the good stuff
If you’re eating great food, why settle for a cheap beer to wash it down? The team at Wirtz Beverage has crafted 57 cocktails that will be offered throughout the festival. There will also be 25 wines and 25 specialty beers available. Because, you know, a festivalgoer can’t live on food alone …