Survival Guide | Story by Jason Scavone

Where to Park Your Car

Unless you live somewhere near the heart of Downtown—or have rectified that whole “man can’t fly” thing—you’re going to need a place to park your wheels this weekend. Now, you could shell out $40 per day for a park-and-ride pass from the World Market Center. Or you could fade Downtown traffic altogether (not unreasonable) and spend that same $40 for shuttle service from the Linq valet. Or … OR … you could do the sensible thing and park on the damn street. Last year, on the opening Saturday of the festival, you could’ve found ample parking around Seventh Street and Clark Avenue. It was a short walk on a gorgeous day. There are plenty of streets around the footprint. Don’t be a sucker: park there. Or do be a sucker and free up some street parking for the rest of us. In fact, forget everything we just said.