Music | Story by Sean DeFrank

Waiting on the Foos

What’s a rock fan to do in the hours before Foo Fighters hit the stage?


Foo Fighters

I know how you feel, buddy. You’re ready to rock out with Foo Fighters. Just one problem: They don’t go on until Sunday night, leaving several hours of festival time to kill. And, let’s face it: You either have no damn clue who the rest of these acts are—you wouldn’t know A-Trak from an 8-track—or no damn interest in seeing them. Well, just stick with me, and I’ll make sure you don’t accidently end up at some lame DJ set.

First, let’s not forget that we’re talking about Sunday. That means NFL games will be played damn near till Dave Grohl belts out his first note. I surely won’t be the only one Downtown who will be interested in this. Last year, El Cortez had a TV outside showing games. Unfortunately, the hotel-casino is now outside the festival footprint, so hopefully someone is smart enough to plug in at least one flat screen somewhere within the festival grounds, perhaps by the old Western Hotel. Regardless, football is on the agenda.

As for the bands scheduled to take the stage before Foo Fighters, don’t expect to find much that falls into the rock category. The closest you’re going to get is Arctic Monkeys, who are decent enough, but no one is mistaking them for, say, Queens of the Stone Age. I am interested in hearing indie super duo Broken Bells flush out their dark, swirling psych-pop with a live band; their set has the potential to be one of the highlights of the entire weekend. And while I usually don’t go out of my way to see electro-pop acts, Little Dragon singer Yukimi Nagano’s exciting stage presence requires my attendance.

As for where you won’t find me Sunday, that would be anyplace I might hear Skrillex. Unless he happens to be a football fan.