Music | Story by Jason Scavone

Who We Want to See Jam Together

 Illustration by Cierra Pedro

Illustration by Cierra Pedro

One of the great joys of music festivals is the chance to see a Super Friends-style team-up of bands dropping in on each other’s sets. I know this from experience: I once saw Sully from Godsmack and Wayne from Static-X do backup vocals on “This Love” with Pantera at Ozzfest. (Please, ladies. Stop throwing all those panties. I was just a witness.) Will we get a taste of collaborative greatness at Life Is Beautiful? Let’s see what the oddsmakers are saying:

Pairing: The Roots and Outkast
Likely Jam: “Bombs Over
(an incredibly funky) Baghdad”
Odds: 1-to-2

Pairing: Panic! At the Disco and Neon Trees
Likely Jam: “Bennie and the Jets”
Odds: 7-to-2

Pairing: The Flaming Lips and OK Go
Likely Jam: “We’re Just Playing This Song So We Can Make a Weird Video”
Odds: 6-to-1

Pairing: TV on the Radio and Switchfoot
Likely Jam: We have no idea, except that it definitely will not be “Let the Devil In”
Odds: 8-to-1

Pairing: Matt & Kim and Fitz & The Tantrums and Panic! At the Disco and Holy Ghost!
Likely Jam: “All the Punctuation”
Odds: 10-to-1

Pairing: Foo Fighters and Jenny Lewis
Likely Jam: “Viva Las Vegas” (Dead Kennedys version)/“Negative Creep” mashup*
Odds: 23-to-1

Pairing: Kanye West and Arctic Monkeys
Likely Jam: Yeah, right … Kanye don’t share the stage
Odds: 99-to-1

Pairing: Lionel Richie and Skrillex
Likely Jam: “Make Your Dad Spontaneously Rage-Combust”
Odds: 150-to-1

*This isn’t so much a satiric projection as it is putting the idea out in the universe, The Secret-style, in hopes it happens.