From Barre to Bar

Liz Olker

Bartender, Revolver
Photo by Anthony Mair

Photo by Anthony Mair

Hometown: Metuchen, New Jersey
Moved to Las Vegas: October 2009

As a child, Olker spent eight years as a competitive dancer in the fields of jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical dance and pointe. “My parents spent a fortune on dance shoes and costumes,” she recalls. That early training served her well when she moved to Las Vegas to escape New Jersey’s snowy winters, and landed a job that includes line dancing on the bar. “[Formal dance training] gives you a sense of balance,” she says. As a bartender, her other duties include mixing drinks, creating drink specials and ordering liquor. Despite having gone to school for a culinary degree, Liz says she believes she’s found her true calling, and wants to remain in the nightlife industry as she moves forward in her career. “I’m more of a nighttime person,” she says.

Guys, You Can Look, But: “Don’t stick your hands between my feet. I might fall off the bar!”

Story by Al Mancini

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2014 Nightlife Awards

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