Bottle (and Bar) Opener

Ashley Malok

Bartender, Gilley’s

ashley_malok_gilleys_no_credit_WEBHometown: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Moved to Las Vegas: February 2009

Malok was there when Gilley’s reopened in its new TI location five years ago. Actually, she’s been there when a number of bars swung their doors open for the first time, including Cadillac Ranch in Town Square and PBR Rock Bar in Planet Hollywood. “It was busy and a lot of fun,” she says. Her bartending career began early, pouring grandma a beer from the kegerator, and she later landed her first job at a college bar in her hometown. “They trained me from serving to bartending, pretty much on my 21st birthday.” Since then, speed and efficiency are the most important skills Malok’s developed. “I’m taking a drink order and I’m making drinks at the same time,” she says. Malok has a degree in audio engineering, so working in a bar with live music is ideal: “I love country now that I’ve been here for five years.” And the best time to experience Gilley’s, Malok says, is during the National Finals Rodeo. “It’s just all-the-way busy. There’s no walking room, and the dance floor is packed!”

You Asked for It: “Last night someone asked for an Irish Trash Can. It’s a Long Island Iced Tea, with blue Curaçao and peach Schnapps. Hey, it’s your hangover!”

Story by Lissa Townsend Rodgers

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