Commitment and Enthusiasm—Straight Up

Niki Quach

Cocktail Server, Chateau Nightclub
Photo by Anthony Mair

Photo by Anthony Mair

Hometown: Houston
Moved to Las Vegas: May 2014

Some people have tattoos. Quach has a scar, a big one, the result of a 2005 operation to fix her scoliosis. “The curvature of my spine was at 40 percent,” Quach says. Two titanium rods and 12 screws later, Quach and her new spine began a campaign of self-improvement (she’s Level 1 certified in CrossFit, and is an avid hiker) that’s benefited not only her posture, but Las Vegas’ nightlife culture, too. Coming to town with a degree in business marketing and management from the University of Houston and the invaluable experience of already having served as vice president of sales for Blue Label vodka, Quach approached her work as a server with the perfect mix of charm, friendliness, professionalism and flat-out gratitude. “I love the fact that I get to meet new people every night,” she says. “If they’re at your nightclub, you have to be sure to make them feel special for being there.” Such enthusiasm will serve Quach well in her future endeavors, which include the dream of opening a fresh-pressed juice bar somewhere, and continuing to honor the commitment of that life-changing scar.

Dear Over-Sharers: “To all the people who are on their phones the entire night either taking photos, recording or sending Snapchats: Please take a moment to enjoy yourself!”

Story by Geoff Carter

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