Her Name Tag Says “Awesome”

Autumn Bruce

Bartender, Body English
Photo by Jon Estrada

Photo by Jon Estrada

Morenci, Arizona
Moved to Las Vegas:
April 2012

Bruce strives to make her job fun—both for herself as well as for her customers. “I’m playful behind the bar, especially when it’s slow. I want to be entertained,” says Bruce, who isn’t too shy to dance to keep her crowd. “Even if I look ridiculous; I’ve got the most awkward moves.” Although she’s always willing to let the person ordering the drink show her their stuff as well: “Sometimes I ask them to teach me how to Dougie or do the Bernie.” Her cheerful persona has won her fans and even a nickname: Awesome. “I got it when I was at Blue Martini,” she says. “It stuck with me, and that’s my name tag. Now when people say ‘awesome,’ I automatically respond.” But Bruce also has other ambitions: She is considering applying with the fire department, and has just finished her advanced EMT training. “I’ve never had to use it at work, thank God.”

Same Club, Different Scenery: “Every night is definitely different. I like not knowing what the night is going to be like.”

Story by Lissa Townsend Rodgers

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